Plan is underway for dog park at Kidd Springs!

We invited newly appointed Dallas Park and Recreation Department Director Willis Winters to join us this past Saturday to enjoy the festivities during Dash for the Beads, supporting FIDO Oak Cliff‘s efforts to bring a dog park to North Oak Cliff. Mr. Winters graciously attended, and was by our account impressed with the amount of interest and activity surrounding our event.

On February 11th, we had the pleasure of receiving a call from District 1 Council Representative Delia Jasso. The District 1 Representative informed us that she met with Mr. Winters today to discuss our proposal for a permanent off-leash dog park at Kidd Springs Park and to offer her support for it. The following is a letter we received from council woman Jasso:

Thanks for all of your hard work and your efforts with a dog park for North Oak Cliff. The success of the pop-up dog park as part of the Mardi Gras activities this past weekend, has certainly proven that there is a huge need for this in our area. Thanks, also, to all who participated in the event and other FIDO events.

It is my pleasure to announce to you that I have asked our new Park and Recreation Director, Willis Winters, to begin a site plan and cost estimate for a permanent dog park in the area where the pop-up dog park was held this past weekend. Simultaneously, my office will be sending a survey to the adjacent neighborhood.

I am very happy that we have worked together to come to this point and can’t wait to see this to completion. A time schedule will be done when the site plan and cost estimate are finished. Again, thank you and I look forward to working together to “finish what we’ve started”.

Pop Up Pooch Park Coming to Elmwood!

Howdy folks,

The weather is mighty fine and its time for you and your pup to enjoy every minute of it. In two weeks we’ll be setting up shop at the Elmwood Street Fair. This is a Better Block style event complete with food, fun, art, entertainment and now an off-leash dog space!

Thats right. It’s time to get the party started as only dog lovers can do. Come on out  and join us on Saturday, October 13th from 1-6 PM!