While walking with the dogs to grab some groceries at Urban Acres this morning, we noticed a shiny new storefront and sign for Oak Clips, a new pet boutique offering dog grooming. We spoke with owner, Mari Mendoza, who was very enthusiastic and excited about the new business. “It’s really becoming a great area and people are walking by all the time, very often with their dogs,” Mendoza said, “we’ve designed the actual store to be very dog friendly.”

The boutique will specialize in grooming but also offers a selection of great dog and cat food brands, such as Orijen and Petcurean, at competitive prices.  Inspired by the homes in our beloved Oak Cliff neighborhoods, Oak Clips is also designing and building Craftsmen and Prairie style dog houses – something very unique to the marketplace. “The dog houses have already generated a lot of interest and we already sold a few at our soft opening,” she said. “the dog houses could really be customized to match your home if you wanted.”

Currently, the store is in its soft opening phases but will be full-time soon once they figure out the most ideal hours. They are starting to accept grooming appointments if you call 214.484-6881.

Oak Clips is located at 502 N. Edgefield Ave. also known as that cool Swiss-looking building at Davis and Edgefield. The boutique will hopefully begin a resurgence of leasing in the building, which is a prime location for Oak Cliff residents. Mendoza added that she is planning to open a coffee house/frozen yogurt place next door once the pet boutique gets its footing.