Oak Cliff has been the spot in Dallas to celebrate Earth Day and this year will be no different. This go round, Lake Cliff’s annual celebration will have a bit of a furry theme. Organizers are presenting this year’s event as an opportunity to emphasize pet adoption – the “recycling” of animal ownership, if you will.

Adoption is the responsible way to be a pet owner and we at FIDO are pleased to see such an effort. With a constant surplus of animals, it’s getting harder and harder for rescues and agencies to take in new animals. Irresponsible pet owners neglect to spay and neuter their pets which leads to more and more animals on the street. Puppy mills and breeders continue to operate adding animals to the mix, when such actions are simply¬†unnecessary.

Pet ownership is about love and no pet needs your love more than the ones that will be available for rescue on Earth Day. FIDO OC will have members on site promoting our brand new pet registration feature (which is coming to our website soon!).

In addition to animal rescues, there will be a Mutt Strut costume contest! This year’s event promises to be a great one for dog and animal lovers of all kinds. Don’t miss out and don’t forget to stop by and see us!