Fido Oak Cliff exists to improve the quality of life for Oak Cliff dogs and their owners.

We recognize that our dogs are an integral part of our families and our community and that good dogs, like good people, require quality social interaction. Fido OC was formed to facilitate new relationships; among dogs and their owners; among owners and local businesses.

Our primary objective is to develop the first dog park in Oak Cliff. A fund raising campaign for the operation and maintenance of the park is already underway and will gain momentum in the coming months. You can read more about our dog park model below.

In addition, we aim to be an online resource for dog owners within the community; providing current information pertaining to pet-related services and dog-friendly businesses. It is our intention to make it easier for local dog owners to find the products and services they need, and to identify local businesses that would love to have both you and your dog as guests and patrons.

By building a strong network of responsible dog owners and offering a local forum for posting lost and found dogs, we hope curb the number of loose dogs on our streets and offer information on adoption and rescue agencies that can help.