What makes a good dog park?

Does it have to be 5 acres? Does it need to accommodate 100 cars? Our answer is a resounding “No!”.

We’ve proven in a series of pop up off-leash spaces that a good dog park doesn’t necessarily need to be large and it shouldn’t be far from home. We at Fido Oak Cliff believe that the ideal dog park is a byproduct of its neighborhood. A neighborhood dog park is one that is central to and within walking distance of the residents nearby.  It is a prime gathering spot for neighborhood dog owners to meet and greet one another while their dogs receive much needed exercise and socialization.This space doesn’t need to be particularly large because, quite simply, dogs don’t care! They make do with what they are given – it’s what we love about these animals!

FIDO Oak Cliff believes that neighborhood dog parks can be an important resource that can facilitate community growth and identity. We believe that the best spaces for off-leash areas are the spots in your neighborhoods that sit underutilized. It’s that eyesore of a dumping ground a couple blocks over that sits vacant 99% of the time. It’s that little pocket of grass that your neighbors spent time, money and energy to make pretty, but still goes unused. It might be that vacant lot on the property next to yours.