Cliffdwellers love to dwell outside. Its why our favorite restaurants are the ones that have patios. Tatia Woldt and BK of the Dallas Morning News’ Dog About Town have helped us compile this list of Oak Cliff area venues that will glady welcome you and your furry friend.

Dog-friendly patios

* means they are city of Dallas-approved dog-friendly food establishments. The rules: Dogs must stay off furniture, be leashed and under control and wear a rabies tag. They cannot eat off the establishment’s dishes; they may be given water in a disposable container.

303 Bar & Grill: 303 W. Davis St., Dallas, 214-942-3030

Barbara’s Pavillion: 325 Centre St., Dallas, 214-941-2145

BEE: Best Enchiladas Ever: 202 W. Davis St., Dallas, 214-941-1233

Bolsa*: 614 W. Davis St., Dallas, 214-367-9367

Bolsa Mercado: 634 W. Davis St., Dallas, 214-942-0451

Burguesa Burger: 710 Fort Worth Ave., Dallas, 214-748-7376

Chicken Scratch/The Foundry: 2303 Pittman St., Dallas, 214-749-1112

Eno’s Pizza Tavern*: 407 N. Bishop St., Dallas, 214-943-9200

Espumoso Caffé: 408 N. Bishop Ave. #105, Dallas, 214-948-2055

Gloria’s*: 600 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, 214-942-1831

La Calle Doce: The food is always primo, the porch always pretty at this local favorite. 415 W. 12th St., Dallas, 214-941-4304

Lockhart Smokehouse (if there aren’t any tables out front, they’ll set one up for you): 400 W. Davis St., Dallas, 214-944-5521

Nova: 1417 W. Davis St., Dallas, 214-484-7123

PhD1300 W. Davis St., Dallas, 214-942-0288

Ten Bells Tavern: 232 West 7th St., 214-943-2677

Whitehall Exchange: 500 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, 214-946-3900

Other dog-friendly businesses

Belmont Hotel: 901 Fort Worth Ave., Dallas, 214-393-2300

Dirt: 417 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, 214-242-9533

Epiphany: 412 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, 214-946-4411

Fête-ish: 322 W. Seventh St., Dallas, 214-948-9874

Green Pet: 315 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, 214-942-6042

Lucky Dog Books: 633 W. Davis St., Dallas, 214-941-2665

Make: 313 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, 214-256-3061

Shambhala Body Gallery: 415 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, 214-943-7627

Zola’s Everyday Vintage: 414 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, 214-943-6643


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Business owners, please comment below if you would like to have your business listed.